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July 26, 2008


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Disney unveiled a teaser for TR2N, the sequel to TRON, at Comic-Con

on Thursday.

Above is a poor quality bootleg video...but it gets the idea across.

For a play-by-play description of what we are seeing, check this out.

I *really* want to see this.


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Greetings program!

I am quite interested in seeing this. The original Tron was made at the very dawn of computer graphics, and only a few scenes were fully CGI. Most of the film was animated by taking blowups of individual frames of the actors and then rotoscoping around them, plus a few other optical tricks, both in camera and post production.

Nostalgia indeed!

Thanks for posting. I am excited about it too. I hope it is better than the Tron 2.0 game which I liked but was too hard for me to finish.

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