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January 9, 2008

My Next Laptop

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I bought my first laptop (a Dell Inspiron 8000) back in 2001. I'm ready for a new one and I think I found it.

It is the Lenovo IdeaPad U110. Lenovo is the same company that makes IBM ThinkPads. It was introduced at CES this week and should be available in April.

What I like about it:

  • Light: Less than 3 pounds. My old laptop weighed more than 9 pounds.
  • Small: Less than an inch thick...should be able to fit it in my backpack.
  • Sturdy: No moving parts when combined with a SSD.
  • Nice keyboard for its small size.
  • Runs Vista Ultimate
  • Has a dual core processor
  • Built-in web cam that does face recognition (instead of typing passwords)
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Looks cool with the red cover
  • Less than $2,000

My new phone can act as a 3G high speed modem (5-10 Mbit/s) via bluetooth. I should be able to hop on the Internet anywhere my cell phone works with faster Internet access than I have at home...without connecting the laptop to anything!

I figure I will mostly use this for web surfing, email, blogging, and programming.

Here is a video review of the IdeaPad U110.

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Mike Schriever:

It's cute. Cable modem should be faster than 3G, correct?

This over the XPS M1330? It comes with a red top too!


I think Lenovo makes great business laptops like the X and T series. The IdeaPad U110 does look nice but it has a 11" screen. Because of that the keyboard will be compact and you may have issues when hitting certain keys like the right shift key.

I know you were looking at the Dell XPS m1330. The prices have started coming down and Dell has had discount promos on them.

The XPS does have a SDD option.

I think the XPS 1330 is the sweetspot for a laptop. It has a 13" display which is not to small but will help keep overall size down. Because of the 13" display the keyboard can be a little bigger. Other specs are:
* Weight - 3.97 lbs
* RAM - up to 4 GB
* Built in web cam (I don't think it has face recognition)
* 4 colors to choose from (Black, Blue, Red, and White)
* Core 2 Due processors
* Windows Vista Ultimate


I think my Comcast account is 4 Mps...with options to upgrade to 6 Mps or 8 Mps.

@Steve's Cat:

I like the Dell XPS 1330, but it weighs about a pound and a half more and it is bigger in dimensions than the U110. I want something that is as small as possible that I can still type on decently without needing a separate keyboard. I'll keep the 1330 in mind, though.

This would only be a travel/coffee shop laptop for me...so having a full size keyboard isn't that important. I will try the keyboard in person to see how cramped it really is before I buy. The keyboard may be the deciding issue for me.



Where do you get to test drive Lenovo? They only sell online.

I figured you would want the Toshiba Red Transformer laptop.


Not sure where I can get a test drive...I bet I can find somebody that has one when they come out or maybe see it a trade show...or just go on internet reviews of the keyboard and buy it and return it if I don't like it.

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