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December 4, 2007


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I just found this web site called "seeqpod".

seeqpod is like Google for music, with a player that will play the results.

I've bought music online for a while now (via Rhapsody and iTunes). I've kept a list of music I want, but is not available online. seeqpod has everything on that list!

For example, here is a song from my early college days by M.C.L. (Microchip League) called "New York, New York."

That is another cool feature...the ability to "embed" songs in your web site, just like you can do with youtube videos.

You can also embed an entire playlist. Here are some difficult to find songs...

SeeqPod Music beta - Playable Search

This seems like it is a lawsuit away from being shut down. They claim they are not hosting any music, just pointing you to it (just like Google does) so they aren't doing anything wrong. They go to great lengths on their web site to defend their right to exist.

Just like Napster, I would imagine this site is mainly going to be used to access copyrighted works. Once they start profiting from advertising that is connected to illegal access to copyrighted works, the party is over.

This will be fun to watch. Enjoy it while you can.

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There's a reason some of those songs are difficult to find...


Thanks. Thanks a lot. Now the only way I'm going to get Matthew Wilder out of my head is by passing it on to someone else.

Maybe this will help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQl50dnAg44


That's got to be violating some law for maximum number of keyboards on stage.
Or at least moustache length.

John V.:

A couple months ago the Pandora founder was here in Boston, and I went to the town hall forum. It was intersting to hear him talk how the whole music industry from production, distribition, and promotion has changed. He said they made their money on Ads, and not referrals to Amazon, iTunes, for which they receive a commission. It seems a diagreement on royalties almost shut down Pandora. The thing with Seeqpod is that they have both the search engine AND player...they should just go with the search engine (like google), and drop the player. It's the sites they point to which are breaking the law! By the way, another interesting Pandora-like site is musicovery.com.

Another tangent - Thursday I am taking a gal to see Willy Wonka - not a big deal right; however the movie is being shown in Smell-O-Vision...

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