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December 11, 2007

New Indiana Jones Movie Poster

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Here is the first movie poster for the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

You can get t-shirts here (I already have mine!).

How does Harrison (who is 65) look? Pretty good (from indianajones.com)...


The movie comes out May 22, 2008.

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Now we get to test the theory on why the second IJ movie was so bad:

(1) Is it the Star Trek syndrome, where every other movie is lousy? (I'm convinced that's why they stopped numbering them when they crossed over to the STTNG cast--easier to sucker people into the theater if they can't tell if its an even or odd sequel).

(2)Is it the "Nazis + Biblical reference = $$$" formula? (even if you're an atheist, you just gotta HATE Nazis!)

(3)Or is it merely the lack of a Spielberg spouse in the cast that makes a good IJ movie? (I personally like Kate Capshaw, just not in that role).

Either way, its good to see Karen Allen back on the case. Makes up for Sean's absence.


Ditto Kelvin re: Kate Capshaw. I love the opening number (and her in general), but it takes more than shrieking to hold my attention. Of course, no one can top Short Round ("You call him Dr. Jones, doll!")

>> "Of course, no one can top Short Round..."

How quickly we forget Jar Jar.

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