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September 26, 2007

iPod classic 160 GB

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I'm going to spend quite a bit of time on an airplane soon, so I wanted to find something to keep me entertained.

I initially thought about getting a Dell XPS M1330 laptop. I was actually one click away from buying it today when I realized the ship date was after the bulk of much of my traveling.

I'm actually glad I didn't get the laptop. I don't travel very often, so the laptop would probably sit unused most of the time.

So the next best thing...an iPod. What I like about the iPod over the laptop...

  • Much cheaper ($350 vs. $2,500)
  • Much better battery life (7 hours vs 3 hours for watching movies)
  • Much smaller (can fit in my jacket pocket)
  • Much lighter
  • Fast charging (about 2 hours for 80% capacity)
  • Less concern about theft
  • Should arrive next week

I figure I will load it up with...

  • Season 5 and 6 of 24 (from iTunes)
  • Several seasons of South Park (from iTunes)
  • A few movies I haven't seen (from iTunes)
  • Some audio books (from iTunes)
  • The 3 video games iTunes has (Ms. Pacman, Tetris, and Sudoko)
  • My music collection

Putting everything on the iPod means I don't have to worry about bringing a bunch of DVD's with me.

I decided on the 160GB over the 80GB because of battery life...the 160GB can do 7 hours of video watching on a charge verses only 5 hours on the 80GB.

There are two color choices, black or white. I went with black.

Any suggestions for good audio books, TV, or movies available on iTunes are welcome!

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Dave, did you consider a PSP as an option, or maybe a supplement to the iPod? You could have gotten an 80GB iPod and a PSP for not much more than the 160GB ipod.

I know you're not exactly a Sony Fanboy but the PSP is pretty good for trips like this. It can hold a 4GB memory stick duo and there are quite a few movies available for it (although removable UMD media).

I don't know exactly what intercontinental planes are equipped with nowadays in terms of power and Internet but I'll bet you can get a power cord to use on the plane to recharge whichever iPod or accessory you have. Presumably there will be a large selection of movies/TV on the plane as well as Internet access.

Something like a PSP would be cool for that potentially since it has a web browser.

Anyway, if you don't want to own a PSP you can borrow mine and the couple of games I have. That should help keep you occupied. Shipping to/from SF wouldn't be so bad. Let me know...

Also you can probably join a rental service similar to netflix and just rent some games/UMD discs for PSP.


You could always load it with Star Wars Kid

And don't leave home without this one....


A great site to check for information about the plane you will be on and airplane travel is http://www.seatguru.com/

You can find out if your seat will have power outlet.

Forgot to mention that the audio edition of Hodgman's book was free on iTunes (at least it was when I downloaded it quite a while ago). Both it and the hard/soft cover are recommended. Ask any hobo.

Also, in the way of actual books, I would recommend reading, or re-reading, Watchmen (Moore/Gibbons), Dark Knight Returns (Miller), or anything by Miller for that matter. I know they're bulky for a long trip, but putting a graphic novel in audio book format just don't get 'er done.

(Be glad in in my re-vist comics phase and not my re-vist Dostoevsky phase)

Theresa Edington:

My David has been very disappointed with his iPod Classic. He started out having problems trying to disconnect from the computer. It would tell him to wait to unplug it, preparing to disconnect, then immediately reconnect before giving him the go ahead to unplug it. I think he was able to find a work around for this. His other complaint is that not all of his Playlists are listed alphabetically. A chunk of them are, then the rest appear to be listed randomly.
He had Ms. Pacman for his iPod Video, but it isn't compatible with the new Classic. I suppose he'd have to buy it again. That just added to his disappointment.
Considering his almost religious love of all things Apple, it was a huge blow to him for an Apple product to not work well right out of the box.
Hopefully, you will have better luck with yours.


I never even thought about the PSP...but I should have. It has a great screen...plenty of cool games, a web browser, and movies!

My thought process was this...I'm finishing up season 4 of "24" on DVD...I'd be happy to watch season's 5/6 of "24"....and anything else the device does is gravy. I'm more into really good TV series now than most movies/games...so I think I made the right decision...especially with 7 hours of battery life!

Thanks for the offer...but I think the iPod will keep me plenty busy!


It shouldn't be a problem for me...I use Windows like 99% of the world.


Russ Urquhart:

Hi Dave,

There have been some comments about problems with the Classic. I don't know all the specific's but you might want to aware with this iPod.

With that said, i have been lately listening to a lot of audio books to the point that the only leisure reading i actually do is more programming related.

I can currently reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (that book they wanted me to read in college, but never got around to.) It is a free download of both the audio book as well as a pdf of the book.
(you need to seach for the link to this. It is not on iTunes, but is a podcast that loads into iTunes and loads without problems.)

There are also a lot of university lectures available for free. (There is a philosophy lecture, i think from Harvard, that i plan to listen to next) These are available from iTunes as well as around on the net.

I don't know if you necessarily want to listen to lectures, but they are out there and are free!



I took my PSP to San Fran - I didn't even think of bringing it out when I was there. It's the original one...still with 1.5 firmware, not the newer slim version.

I love my PSP, although I've only watched one movie and only rarely have listened to MP3's. Right now I have the soft sleeve, which is great padding for the backpack and it can fit in my pocket, but I'm about to pick up the Logitech hard (clear) shell for it for extra protection.

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