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May 4, 2007

You First...

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I saw this while I was watching a playoff basketball game recently.


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speaking of the playoffs, I was wondering how you feel living in the GW territory. Are you gonna give up on the Mavs and switch?

It SUCKS being in SF during the biggest choke in NBA history. On the plus side...there are very few true GSW fans here. When I was in a sports bar watching the final game...I was the only guy wearing a jersey...not the only Mavs fan wearing a jersey...the only person wearing a jersey! No GSW jerseys. Everybody in SF *HATES* Oakland...but now they gloss over it because they have a team in the playoffs. This experience has given me a new team to hate...GSW (along with the Queens and Lakers)! I look forward to their exit from the playoffs! Go Jazz!

So now my team is out, I'm pulling for the Spurs (it hurts to say that). GO SPURS GO!


How can you pull for the Spurs, dude??

This is my NBA team order:

1 Dallas Mavericks
2&3 (tie) San Antonio Spurs/Houston Rockets

During the regular season I always want the Spurs to lose because it helps Dallas. Now it doesn't.

On the other end of the spectrum, here are the teams I hate:

1 Golden State Warriors
2 LA Lakers
3 Sacramento Queens
4 Detroit Pistons

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