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May 10, 2007


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The new trailer is out for Ratatouille...a new Pixar movie by Brad Bird (Incredibles, Iron Giant, Amazing Stories: Family Dog). The previews look great. Even with everybody firmly entrenched on the 3D animation bandwagon, somehow Pixar is able to stand out. Their stuff is just beautiful to watch.

This is the summer movie I am most anxious to see. It comes out June 29.

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I'm waiting to see this one as well, mainly to see how Bird is going to keep his streak alive. One of the things I miss about Denver is their little clan of animators and the monthly ASIFA meetings. A few had worked briefly with Bird, and most described him as a talented SOB. If you've seen the extras on the Incredibles DVD, they joke a little about how difficult he can be, but that may be more reality than joke. But you can't argue with the results.

You also forgot that he was a founding influence on The Simpsons and King Of The Hill. (Now if he could just get Batteries Not Included off his resume.)


When I was in jr. high, I had Family Dog on video tape. I watched it soooo many times and shared it with my friends...it was just so well done.

I heard good things about Iron Giant, so I gave it a try. It doesn't disappoint.

Then there is The Incredibles...which is my favorite Pixar film (actually, it shares that title with Monsters, Inc.).

I believe everything you say about Brad Bird...he is intense...and maybe that is what it takes to get your baby to the big screen.

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