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May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface

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This is amazing (thanks for the heads-up TreyS). Surface is a new "table computer" that uses touch instead of a keyboard or mouse. You really need to see it in action to appreciate it. The Surface homepage has several videos that are all worth checking out.

The part I'm most interested in is the idea of a computer that multiple people can work on at the same time. I can see where a family could sit around their Surface table and plan a trip...one person could map out the activities for the trip while another books the flight at the same time. Or you could play Monopoly or any other board game, where the board is virtual, but the pieces are real. Or work on a photo album together.

Today, computers tend to isolate us from other people (not counting virtual people). I see this as a platform that will bring people together to collaborate.

It will be interesting to see the new applications created for this platform. Will this be a success or a failure? I hope it is the former! I'll be following this closely. Microsoft is going to demo this at SIGGRAPH, so I'll check it out then.


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Here is a video about it from Popular Mechanics as well - http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/industry/4217348.html

Also, check this video where Jeff Han (featured in the PopMech video) unveils the multitouch interface to the TED design conference in Feb '06.

It's similar to the computer/desk interface from The Island - I'll try to find images of the actual desk from the movie.

I like popping the wireless camera on top, along with your PDA/other device, and flipping the pictures from one device to the other. Luckily it's too expensive, as I'm not ready to get a new camera just for wireless.


I read about this on crave.com earlier this week.

The article has a video link reviewing Surface.

Like crave.com article said, the innovative system looks a lot like the interface demonstrated in the now-famous YouTube video of New York University researcher Jeff Han.

Maybe microsoft bought the technology.

@Bubba: The Microsoft website says their research group started working on this back in 2001.

John Mark Roquemore:

Jeff Han has a cool demo on his company site. Big Screen VERY COOOOOLLL!!



@David: The technology has been around since the 80s according to the videos.

Bits and pieces of this technology have been around for a while, but nobody has taken it and made it into platform...a specific set of hardware and a specific set of software.

Now that it is a platform, software developers can target it and expect it to work on any Surface.

Here is a cool sound application that could be applied to Surface.

slipped a Mikki:

I loved this......... back in 1985 when is was called "pacman"- the table top version found in every pizza joint!!!


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