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April 12, 2007

Vista Gem #2

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I found another nice feature in Windows Vista...the Snipping Tool! The Snipping Tool is a screen capturing tool. You can find the Snipping Tool at Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Snipping Tool.

In the past, I used the "Print Screen/SysRq" key to copy the screen to the clipboard and then paste the clipboard into a paint program in order to save it as an image. Alt-Print Screen/SysRq will capture just the window with focus to the clipboard.

These keystrokes still work, but the Snipping Tool is much better and faster.

You have 4 options for screen capture:

  1. Free-Form Snip - Captures a lasso selection
  2. Full Screen - Captures the entire screen
  3. Window - Captures a Window
  4. Rectangular Snip - Captures a rectangular selection

Once you have your capture, then the Snipping Tool lets you write on your capture with a yellow highlighter or various pens.

You can save your capture as JPEG, PNG, GIF, or MHT. Interestingly, Microsoft's own BMP image format is not included.

I hadn't heard of MHT before. It is an HTML web page with the data stored *in* the file itself, instead of a pointer to the location where the data is stored. So you should be able to copy a MHT file with an embedded image to a server and open it with a web browser and everything will work...no need to copy an HTML file *and* the JPEG file it points to (which is what I do now).


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I'm on my corporate laptop - Vista Enterprise - and no Snipping Tool. I wondered why I've never seen it!

It looks like it's only on Vista Premium and Ultimate, and I haven't explored that much on my Vista Ultimate notebook.


This makes sense, because in my corporate environment, I've NEVER had to make a screen capture. Hold on - my eyes have to stop rolling. I have to roll old school style using Prnt Scrn/Alt Prnt Scrn.

It looks like the Snipping Tool was originally part of the Experience Pack for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

That would explain why you can draw on the captures with pens and highlighters...but there is no traditional text tool...Tablet PC users don't always have a keyboard.

This comparison of Vista versions says that only "Home Basic" does *not* come with support for Tablet PC, although Vista Enterprise is not included in the comparison. If you click on the Tablet PC Support link on the left, it will show you the tools that are provided, and the Snipping Tool is one 'em.

It is certainly in the Business edition, along with all the tablet PC tools. Nice.

The Explorer Check Boxes are from the Tablet PC features added to Vista, as well. Look for the description of "Explorer Check Boxes" here.

Now it all makes sense. Bill is still trying to sneak Tablet PC into every home in America to dilute our precious bodily fluids....

I just enabled it in Vista Enterprise. Badda bing!

How do you enable the Snippet Tool in Enterprise?


Users of "old" Windows can capture just the active window with Alt-PrintScreen.

Oh come on Alan! Would it kill ya to read *all* of the second paragraph?


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Yes. Yes it would.

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