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April 5, 2007

Bird's Eye View

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Microsoft's Live Search Maps has a really cool feature for some parts of the country called "Bird's Eye View." The picture above is the bird's eye view of the LucasFilm campus at the Letterman Digital Arts Center, looking to the North.

You can pick a spot and rotate around it to see it from North, South, East, and West.

I've found this view very helpful for my modeling project. I also use it when I'm going to parts of town I'm not familiar with (like all of it), so that I know what the buildings look like in the area I'm going to.

Comments (2)

Unsurprisingly similar to Google Maps, but Live Search looks to be zoomed in a little (which I like), at least in this location.

You may have to fix that link. (Done! -ed)

Can Live Search do the mapping stuff that Google does?

Live has more features, but Google feels faster.

One of the features Live has that Google doesn't is the ability to measure distances. I used that feature to help me find apartments within walking distance of work and to map out a jogging trail.

This week, Google added the ability to mark up and customize a map, something Live has done for a while.

I still like Live better because of the Bird's Eye View and the distance tool, but I use Google Maps as well.

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