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February 17, 2007

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

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I checked out the Golden Gate National Recreation Area today. This is about 5 blocks from where I now live. See the photos here.

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John Mark Roquemore:

Love that dog picture, most excellent!!!

I am enjoying the pictures and your writings. The last shot of the Golden Gate was awesome......much better without the dog, but he was funny.

When I was with ELSA (San Jose, CA) we had an offsite/teambuilding where we rented a huge yacht and sailed around Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and that island that was something like a nature preserve/vaccination experimentation place - I'm blanking on it but I'll try to dig it up. I actually got to pilot the boat around on some really rough water, and seeing the bridge from up close with fog was pretty amazing. I'm not sure what's open to the public anymore, but the sailing around that area is pretty nice.

You have talent. The dog in the foreground is very nice. My only critique is it should be sunset or something then it would be perfect. But I guess this will do for an amateur.

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