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February 19, 2007

Coit Tower

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Today I walked around the North Beach area of San Francisco. Here are the photos.

Coit Tower is on top of a serious hill. What a workout just climbing the stairs to the top of Telegraph hill. Once you catch your breath, you get some great views of the city.

Next, we went to Pier 39 and the Fisherman's Wharf.

The World Famous Bushman caught me off guard. He has a writeup on Wikipedia, so I guess he is world famous.

The line to ride the cable car was *long*. I think we waited at least 45 minutes to get on. Here is a tip I learned...don't wait with the tourists to get on at the beginning. Instead, walk about a block away to the first cable car stop. There was *no* line and people just jumped on. You pay $5 after you get on.

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You are gonna get in good shape with all of your tourism there Dave!

I don't envy your apartment but I envy the selection of food and things to do that you have going on there.
I miss Chinatown and all of the other good food there. You will have to scope out some of the non-touristy places so we can hang out like residents when I visit ;-)

MoFo Chill:

The bushman got me too when I visited San Francisco. He's scary.

I'm sure you'll find tons of places to go but two restaurants we really liked were Fior d'Italia in Washington Square (http://www.fior.com/) and Cioppino's near Fisherman's Wharf (http://www.cioppinosonthewharf.com/). Also John's Grill (http://www.johnsgrill.com/) had really good seafood.

Have you gotten used to carrying a sweater or coat with you everywhere you go?


I need to buy warmer clothes...that is for sure! I have a wind breaker and a beanie in my backpack, and they really help at night. I'm looking for a better jacket now...I'm going to visit Union Square and see if I can find one there tomorrow.


Wow! Super photos. My favorites: the contrast at the GGB and the rainbow at your new home.

Russ Urquhart:

Hey man!

i just heard about your job change and your web site!

Congratulations on the job. Ilm sounds pretty cool, how are things going there so far?

How are you adjusting to SF? I can't help but think that it sucks having to pay 1500 for such a small apartment. My mortage is under that, but i guess that's the going rate out there.

One of Sudi's friends, her fiancee is from SF and he was trying to explain how, to him, the difference in cost of housing, etc. between SF and Dallas was identical, once you factored in property tax in SF and how SF had so much more to offer culturally. I'm depending on you to give me some feedback on this.
Hope you are doing well and hope you make some trips back to the Dallas area!

Take care!


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