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February 16, 2007

1849 Miles

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I made my journey from Dallas to San Francisco...a total of 1,849 miles. I did it over 4 days with stops in Odessa, TX; Tucson, AZ; and Los Angeles.

I got a new camera for the trip, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07. The main reason I wanted a new camera is my previous camera took blurry pictures in low light conditions. This camera has image stabilization, which should help reduce blurry pictures. It also does wide screen video, which could be fun to play with. So far, I really like it.

Here are the pics from my trip. Thanks to Mike & Alan and my Grandma for letting me crash at their places along the way.

I saw three different wind power farms along the way. One outside of Abilene, one near Palm Springs, CA and the last just before I arrived in San Francisco. Here is some video (116 MB) I shot of the wind mills near Palm Springs. Photos don't do the wind mills justice...and I wanted to see how my new camera does widescreen video.

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John Mark Roquemore:

Hey David,

So I was watching the video that was pretty cool. but what struck me as I was watching, was that you drove the Mini there....WOW how did she take it.

Well again I am really excited for you...freaken awesome job!!!


MINI was fine.

I was a bit worried that I would have to deal with a stop light on a steep incline...my car is a manual. But taking 101 into the city bypasses all the worst hills, so it wasn't a problem.

A MINI is really a great car to have out here. My parking spot is extremely tricky to get into. With my car, I have only a quarter inch clearance for both side mirrors when I drive in the entrance. Once in, I have to drive past two other cars and avoid the poles holding up the building. There is no way a bigger car or SUV could access the parking spot.

I've been here a week now and I've only taken my car out once...to buy a microwave oven and some groceries. I would imagine I'll just use my car on weekends.


Wow great pictures... makes me homesick. Have you started the new job yet? Did you drive down Lombard yet?? That is a blast!

As you may have discovered already, good practice for manual transmission is to hit Columbus from 2nd and work your way uphill towards Union St... A true test of your skills would be Stockton at California - right there by the Ritz-Carlton. Making that right turn up hill is pretty tricky... especially with the stop light and traffic. Now you know what I used to do on the weekends in my prelude... ;)

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