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January 10, 2007

Selling on eBay

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I bought things on eBay, but I never *sold* anything until now. Since I stopped using DirecTV, I have a bunch of electronics that I no longer need. I decided to try to sell two things to see how eBay works.

About a year ago, I bought a couple of "destackers" so I could use my regular DirecTV tuners with the "stacked" signal my apartment uses. One of the destackers, a Sonora D575, converts one signal. It cost around $60.

The other destacker, a Sonora D575D, converts one signal into two un-stacked signals for a dual tuner TiVo. It cost about $160.

I listed my destackers for half the price I bought them for. I put them up for auction for a 7 day period. Nobody bid on the destackers until the final day. Then a bidding "war" started! It is fun to watch the price go up!

After the auctions closed, I sold the D575 for $32 + shipping cost ($2 more than I was asking). I sold the D575D for $100 + shipping cost, which is $25 more than I was asking!

Now I'm addicted! That was *way* too easy! I just got paid $132 to get rid of my junk! I cleaned out my apartment and found 10 more items I will soon list on eBay.

When I was a kid, we had a garage sale to get rid of our stuff. It was a big deal and required a lot of work. eBay is like a garage sale, but you have an audience of millions of people and you can sell *anything* whenever you want, with very little preparation.

As an adult, I have not had my own garage sale. Instead, I dump my old electronics on unsuspecting family members and friends...but no more! Everything is going out via eBay now!

What a great way to get rid of your junk and get paid to do it! Highly recommended!

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We used to be heavily into eBay, but not anymore - it's all craiglist, baby! It blows away eBay in everything except audience size.

I looked at craigslist.org. The main reason I decided to go with eBay is that craigslist is targeted to a specific city, but I wanted to sell to the entire US. craigslist is cheaper than ebay...it's free from what I could tell. So far I'm happy with eBay...but I've heard good things about craigslist as well and I would consider using it in the future.

It's free.

We've sold about 80 things off eBay, but we've made the switch to craigslist pretty exclusively.

I like not having to go to the post office, deal with packing stuff, lines, etc.

You definitely can reach more people on eBay, and it is THE best place to look for something obscure, but we love garage sales and craigslist has more of a garage sale mentality (there is even a section on craigslist dedicated to advertising your garage sales).

This weekend I'll try to post everything we've gotten from craigslist - it's a pretty significant list.

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