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November 26, 2006


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I *hate* running. I gave up running over 10 years ago. Instead I've played basketball or rode my bike for exercise.

I'm giving running another try because I've hit my weight limit and I found a very cool running trail. The trail starts at the American Airlines Center, which is just down the street from me. It is called The Katy Trail. It is 3.5 miles in length from the AAC to Mockingbird Station. Here is a map of the trail I made with Microsoft Live.

I tried walking it yesterday and used my Motorola Q phone as a music player...and that sucked! Even with max volume, I could barely hear the music. I needed something else to keep me entertained while I was running. I decided to pick up an Apple Ipod Shuffle because they are really light, fairly cheap, get good reviews, and have a really cool commercial...

I went running this afternoon...and it wasn't pretty. I couldn't run a quarter of a mile without stopping. I ran/walked (mostly walked) 3 miles. I have a lot of work to do. I plan on running minimum twice a week.

As for the Shuffle...I really like it. Since I'm running, I don't care that it doesn't have a display. I loaded it up with high energy music and it sounded great. I had it clipped to my shorts and I never noticed it while I was running.

There are a few changes I wish Apple would make to the Shuffle...

  1. I wish we had a single standard for music so I didn't have to use multiple music managers. I currently use iTunes for my Shuffle, Phatnoise Music Manager for my PhatBox, Media Player as my default player, and Rhapsody for online music.
  2. I wish the Shuffle had a built-in USB connection (instead of a USB dock) so I could charge it anywhere and use it as a USB memory key.
  3. I wish I could just drag music onto the Shuffle using Explorer. I *can* do this, but the music is then considered "data" and the shuffle will not play "data." You have to use iTunes to put music on the Shuffle.

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Vote for Pedro and he'll make your wildest dreams come true...or wishes.

Here are 2 iTunes alternatives that do have Explorer like functionality:


I've used both and would recommend either. The only reason I would use the iTunes software is if that is how you get your music. If you are getting your music from your CDs or other service like Rhapsody then I use either Anapod or Ephpod.

Ephod is in beta so I would try Anapod first. Anapod offers a free trial version with limited features and their site says the software will work with all iPod model in the market. The full version is $30.

Red Chair also makes Explorer like software for Creative, Rio, Dell, and iRiver products.

Rockbox (http://www.rockbox.org/) also works, but it may not work with every player.

I have the 1st Shuffle for working out too, and no display == no problem. I think I would like the clip of the new one more than the necklace of mine, though.


"Rockbox is an open source firmware replacement for a growing number of MP3 players". Rockbox goes on the player.

Anapod and Ephpod are music managers that go on the computer and are a replacement to iTunes. These two apps address wish 3.

I don't think Rockbox addresses any of David's 3 wishes.


Congratulations on getting out and about. Way to take the initiative!

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