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November 3, 2006

Halloween 2006

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This year I decided to go as Borat. If you have not seen Borat, check out this clip of Borat using a dating service.

Here are photos from Halloween.

I got a fake mustache, spirit gum, and remover from Norcostco (great place to get stuff for Halloween and the staff is very helpful). They recommended I try a place called "Gratitude" for the signature gray suit.

Gratitude is a *very* odd place. It doesn't have a web presence, so here are its vitals: 3714 Fairmount, Dallas, TX 75219; 214-522-2921. It is an old house *stuffed* with old clothing and accessories. I told them I called earlier about a gray suit. The guy said he had a few to show me. He said to follow him and he lost me in a matter of foot steps...the room I was in was sooo packed with clothing that you could not find any doors. I had to yell for help to try to find out which way my guide went.

I found the perfect gray suit there. I also picked up a wig, an American Flag lapel pin, sunglasses, and a shirt for $80. I ended up not using to the wig because it was just too big.

I bought a gold tie previously.

That gave me the costume, but I wanted one more accessory: photos of my wife (see 4:40 in this video). I used Google images to find pictures of my wife.

The first party I went to was hosted by my buddy Matt. It got interesting when a bisexual girl started making out with another guy's girlfriend. The boyfriend got upset and the party started to feel a bit like a Jerry Springer show. I was looking for the right moment to jet to my next party, so I slipped out in the middle of the confrontation of the boyfriend with his now lesbian girlfriend.

The next party I went to was "Heaven and Helloween VI" hosted by DFW Exposed. I went last year and had a blast. The place was packed with at least a thousand people and most people dressed up. It cost $40 to get in, but it had an open bar.

Going as Borat was great. I used a lot of his tendencies...

  • I would say, "I like you" to almost every girl that walked by.
  • I got to kiss a bunch of girls, because that is how we greet people in Kazakhstan
  • I was giving High-Five's all night
  • When people asked me about my wife, I would show them the photos. Most people thought they were hilarious, but one girl got really offended.
  • When girls recognized me as Borat, I would try to guess their costume. In every case, I would guess "Prostitute?" Most girls thought that was funny, but I did get slapped pretty hard in the face once.


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