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October 6, 2006

Place Your Bets

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This is the beginning of the next-generation console war. The contenders are:

We've talked a lot about this contest at work. Who is going to win? Sony has been the leader for the last two contests with the PS1 and PS2. Here is your chance to make your prediction before the battle begins.

I believe that the Xbox 360 will dominate the market. Nintendo Wii will be a distant 2nd. Last place goes to PS3.

I've had my Xbox 360 for almost a year. This is the most I've played a console since I was in college. Microsoft has done a lot right.

Probably the best thing about the Xbox has nothing to do with its graphics or CPU power...it is Xbox Live Arcade. These are small games that are purchased online and stored on your hard drive. This means you can quickly switch between games without having to get up and change out the DVD. So in a single gaming session on my 360, I may play 3 or 4 games. Previously on my PS2, I'd only play one game per session. 

Another cool concept Microsoft has is "Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays." Every Wednesday, a new game is released for Xbox Live Arcade. It is similar to NBC's "Must See TV" Thursdays, Wednesday has become the day to find out what new game has come out on Xbox Live Arcade. Some of the games released over the past few weeks include Doom, Frogger, Time Pilot, Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Galaga, and Scramble.

Achievement Points! I have become an achievement point whore! You can see see my gamerscore (sum of achievement points) on my Xbox 360 gamercard to the right. Achievement points *make* you want to play more...especially when you find out your friends have more than you. Microsoft has done a great job making achievement points a required component of every Xbox 360 game.

Microsoft already owns the desktop. Get ready for them to own the living room.

Comments (4)

I don't think I'll buy a next-gen console until I get a better tv. That said, I like everything I've seen about the Xbox 360. I'm really waiting to see Gears of War, and if it can live up to the hype as well as the screenshots.

I think my kids would really enjoy the Wii's controller.

It seems like Sony is doing everything it can to have a less than spectacular launch. I think 360 will pwn PS3, as you kids say today, but there will still be a ton of revenue from slim PS2. Wal-**** is hesitant to stock such an expensive niche item as the PS3, but internets has articles where they expect the $129 slim PS2 to fly off shelves, especially with low numbers of launch PS3s.

I also don't like Sony's new policy on games like Next Gran Turismo. $60 for the game, but then to get all the cars and tracks you have to buy them via microtransactions within games. It's not just a matter of unlocking them. Why can't we just buy a game anymore?


So what will win... HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?

I think there is not going to be enough demand to make either the clear cut winner. So players that can do both will probably be the final winner, but DVD's aren't going anywhere for a *long* time.
I'll probably get the $200 HD DVD player for Xbox 360 initially, and then a combo drive later on.


Here are my predictions:

Nintendo will redefine that gameing industry again. Every iteration of consoles, Nintendo has added a new features that it's comptetors have coily copied

1. Directional pad (NES)
2. More buttons (A,B,X,Y, and shoulder buttons) (SNES)
3. Analog controls and rumble(N64)
4. Motion controll (Wii)

Nintendo is the INOVATOR, without them, the industry would become stagnant. They are the Walt Disney of the video game industry. Mario and Zelda are two of the industry's top selling games and most recognizable characters. Sony doesn't have any IP's that can compete with Nintendo's first party efforts. Halo is Microsoft most promiant IP, and hopefully this list will grow.

I must commend Microsoft on XBOX Live. Sony will have a hard time competing with their sleak interface. However, I don't think this will be enought to keep Nintendo from taking the top spot this generation. With Nintendo's back catologue of games on the Wii's Virtual Console, even XBOX Live(and Live arcade) will have a hard time competing with this service.


1. Nintendo Wii
2. PS3
3. XBOX 360


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