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October 4, 2006

Internet Dating

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I just had to share this. I received a nice email from a special lady named Elena via Internet dating. There is something about this girl...she has a vibe that is undeniable. To truly get the impact of her words, try reading this aloud:

From: ia_tebiu_naidu

Date received: October 4, 2006

Subject: Hello!

My name is Elena, me 29 years.
I loved your structure on site Match, and I at once have decided to write to you the letter.
I very much loved yours the image, I while do not have the but if you will answer me
I shall try to send you the structure. I as well as many people simply want
To find to itself the person, for a life and for the father of children and love.
I hope, that my letter will be interesting to you, and you will answer me!!!
With impatience I shall wait for your letter!!!!
Please write letters on mine e-mail: XXXXX@rambler.ru

I blocked out her email so I didn't have to worry about anyone stealing her from me. I found her first, and she is mine!

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Sounds to me like you might be passing up some hot Russian MILF action. People simply want to find to itself the person for the father of children and love, David.

I can teach you all the Russian you will need for this encounter.

John Mark Roquemore:

From Russia with LOVE!!!



Sounds to me like she might be from South Alabama - faking the dialect I'm sure!


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