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August 8, 2006

Visiting Fenway Park

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If you are going to do one thing when you visit Boston, what should it be? Apparently you go to a Red Sox game.

Baseball is...how should I put it...not my thing. I work next to Ameriquest Field and I haven't been to a Rangers game in at least 2 years. I have probably been to 5 MLB games my entire life.

That said, visiting Fenway Park is special. There is a personality there that comes with years of history.

My buddy John Verostek got us some SRO tickets. That means we had to stand and watch from the back, right? WRONG! We spent most of the time exploring and checking out every angle of the park (as my photos will attest).

The game was actually interesting for a non-baseball fan. The 9th inning was electric as the crowd tried to help get the tying run. Unfortunately it wasn't going to happen. The Red Sox lost in the end to the Cleveland Indians 6-7. Even though they lost, I was mucho impressed with Fenway Park, the Red Sox, and the Boston Fans. I'm glad I got to see it.

Here are my photos from the game.

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You know, I lived in Boston for 10 years and I never went there. Not really a sports dude. But I bet it was cool, you know, just to say you went.


Ofcourse you ment to say fortunatly they lost. Go Yanks :). The Rangers have similar standing areas. Check out http://jaysim.com/blog1/2006/05/quality_start_23.html The third picture is from a nice spot to stand. I will give you that Fenway has history though, Rangers need to win a couple, but they do have a nice stadium.

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