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August 3, 2006

Day 5

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The last day! The main thing I caught today was a COLLADA presentation. COLLADA is a industry standard file format that allows easy import/export of 3D data. As more companies support COLLADA files (.dae extension), the easier it is to add tools in your pipeline without concern for writing custom importers/exporters.

Remi Arnaud talked about the current state of COLLADA.

COLLADA RT is a viewer that will display COLLADA content. COLLADA FX will load and display COLLADA FX files. Both are sample code meant to teach you how to work with COLLADA data. More information is here.

The COLLADA Refinery was briefly touched on. It is a tool that should allow you to massage COLLADA data into formats other non-COLLADA application understand. For example, you should be able to convert a COLLADA file to a list of triangles for a tri-stripper to read. The Refinery should be able to run in batch mode.

Dallas' DNA used COLLADA in the making of "The Ant Bully" via Houdini.

The first COLLADA book was introduced at this SIGGRAPH..."COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation."

And....cut! That's a wrap! SIGGRAPH 2006 is over! I'll post my pictures and videos this weekend. Next SIGGRAPH is in San Diego!

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Can't you get a package called a High Collada to clean out your pipeline?

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