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May 10, 2006

Highlighting Today in Outlook

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We recently switched to Outlook at work. I am also using Outlook for my home email/calendar/contacts. While I was trying to get it configured just right, I noticed something annoying. In the calendar, today's date is not highlighted. I found in the month view, today's date is highlighted, but not the 5 day/7 day view. I searched for an option to fix this without any success. Notice in the picture above how today's date (with the red circle) looks just like all the other days. Mouse over the image to see how it *should* look with today's date highlighted. I found it hard to believe an application as sophisticated and as established as Outlook would not highlight today's date for you.

My brother found the solution! It has to do with what "style" you are using to draw your windows (Start->Control Panel->Appearance and Themes->Display->Appearance->Windows and Buttons). I never would have guessed that! I found two styles that both have the problem with highlighting today's date: Windows Classic Style (which Windows 2000 uses), and this style I downloaded so I could get the Windows Media Center "Royale" Theme.

I switched my home system back to the original Windows XP style and the highlighting problem was fixed. My work PC runs Windows 2000, so I don't think there is a solution for it. If you know of one, please add a comment.

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